Tyr Odinson

The Leavings of the Wolf

Alpha Werewolf: a Monster

(Indie rp blog for Tyr Odinson. Mostly myth with some tweakings. The werewolf idea was thought up by samsxcola. Skype: thepipesarecalling90)



"Thank you. I wasn’t expecting it to be this cold." She followed him inside, shivering slightly. Her cold weather gear wasn’t holding up very well in the driving wind. “You’ll have to excuse my being surprised. I’m still adjusting to gods knowing who I am…"

'I am in no place to judge, my lady, so worry not.'  Monsters did not deserve to judge people, after all. 'Here.'  Tyr draped her in furs and gently untucked her hair from under the fur. 'Is that better?

(Source: leavingsxofthexwolf)